TRGpro (Palm Pilot on Steroids)


This Palm Pilot clone can hotsync (backup) to a removable Compact Flash (CF) memory card. This way data can be saved on the road. The CF cards are the same as those used by my digital camera, saving me endless hassle and aiding in my ability to put up web pages on the road (see link below).

The TRGpro has proved itself invaluable in many ways:

I firmly believe this is the best PDA (better than the Palm and the Handspring Visor models), and TRG's customer service and tech support have been phenominal. More information on this awesome machine can be found at

For those of you who are at least half as nerdy as I, you are probably interested in how I've assembled these web pages on the road. Those of you who are normal (e.g. Brad "Butter Bean" James), don't bother. You can access the information here.

Palm Folding Keyboard


To aid in my input, I am using the not-quite-amazing folding keyboard, available from It's a full-sized keyboard that folds up almost as small as the TRGpro itself, and has to be seen to be believed. Unfortunately, it has to be used to be not-quite-amazing. I'm on my second keyboard already, and this one, like the first, is having some keys malfunction after only a few weeks of use. The warrenty is fine, but it doesn't do me squat 17,000 ft in Nepal. What do I do, lug around 2 broken keyboards for five months to get refunds when I get back? I'd rather pay double for something more reliable. But its still better than input by hand.

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