Solo Trek Photos

The Stream To ???

Stream Between Rock Walls

The beginning of the trek followed this stream for about 5 hours.

Doug, the cliffs in this area are VERY climbable. I've already mapped out some first ascents for you.

Wish I'd Learned More Thai

Thai Trail Sign

Here's one of those times a guide would have been helpfull. This Thai sign was at a fork in the trail.

For all I know, it said:

"Go right for friendly hill tribe with hot showers. Go left for cannibals."

I went left.

Limestone Cave With Spring

Limestone Cave

The first Karen village I past got their water from a spring coming out of a small limestone cave (which is not much bigger than the photo shows).

Clear Cutting, Asia Style

Burned Area

I can't figure out these people's obsession with burning everything.

Karen Man Salvaging Wood

Man Salvaging Wood

In the burned area I found a man cutting poles from what was left. I ended up following him up the trail to his village.

Torched House

Torched House

When we arrived at his village, I found out why he was fabricating building materials. Apparently, they'd burned their hut down by accident!

It's just like I said before: "People who live in grass houses shouldn't burn forrests."

My Hut

Bamboo Hut

This is the abandoned hut I found in a rice field up on the ridge. I'm glad I stayed in it, since the first big monsoon rain hit that night!

Cooking Dinner At Night In An Abandoned Bamboo Hut In A Rice Field On A Ridge During A Monsoon Lightening Storm Alone In The Jungles Of Thailand

Dinner In My Hut

Mmmm. Tastes like adventure.

Leech On My Foot

Leech On My Foot

Nasty little sucker, so to speak.


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