Photos From Thailand

I am not able to use a good image editing program on the road, so I am left with two choices: put up 300-800k images (which would take FOREVER to see on the net), or use the small preview images that the camera creates automatically. I have opted for the latter. The effect for you is fairly low resolution images, but it's better than nothing!

Old Sukhothai

Old Sukhothai contains some of the best preserved Thai ruins ("preserved ruins," another oxymoron?). Unfortunately, very little information is provided to tourists, so you'll just have to settle for the pretty pictures.

Mae Tao Clinic

Mae Tao clinic, located in Mae Sot, Thailand, is home to about 300 Burmese Refugees and doctors. More information about the clinic, the situation in Burma, and how you can help is provided by the Burmese Refugee Care Project.

Photos of Some Juggling Students

Photos of some aspiring jugglers!

Lan Sang National Park

A group of volunteers from the clinic took a trip to this park outside of Tak. This page has some group shots, yet another Buddha, and the infamous green snake.

The Organic Farm of the Queen's Professor

Don't know how these things happen to me, but I got asked to go on a visit to "The Princess of Thailand's Professor." So two herbal medics from the clinic, a Thai man who owns a bakery (don't ask, it's a long story), and I go to spend the day at the Professor's farm.

Turns out this guy studies organic farming and soil ammendments. He's an expert on mushrooms and microfungi, so I was forced to change his nickname from "The Nutty Professor" to "Professor Fungus."

Match Night

If you don't know Becca and Michelle, these pictures will be meaningless (they are here for their family and friends). These pictures document our staying up to 3 am to find out the medical schools at which they matched for their residencies.

The Clinic at Fang

Becca, Michelle, and I travelled up to the northwestern border to spend some time at a different clinic.

Fang is a beautiful area up in the mountains. Too bad you can't see much since the Thais burn EVERYTHING. We found out they have scorpians though.

Umphein Mei Refugee Camp

Naw Helen Buhtoo, a Karen refugee who works in Mae Sot, was travelling to visit her family in Umphein Mei Refugee Camp. I tagged along...

Umphein Mei is located 2 hours South (by car) of Mae Sot in the hills 6 km from the border with Burma. Very beautiful.

Umphein Mei Exhibit on Hway Kalok Camp

The population at Umphein Mei has greatly increased because the SPDC (Burmese Military) burned down the Hway Kalok Camp inside Burma. The people fled over the border to Umphein Mei.

These are mainly pictures of photographs taken by others. If you choose to view these photos, you should be forewarned that some of them are rather disturbing.

Market Madness

These fine food items can be picked up at the local outdoor market. Who knows what they put in my food!

Solo Hill Tribe Trek

Here are a few photos of my solo overnight hike into the jungle near Mae Hong Son.

Details of this trekking adventure are found in Trip Report #3.

Assorted Photos From Thailand

These are some nice and some funny photos that didn't fit into any other category.

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