Lan Sang National Park Photos

Big Gold Budda

Big Gold Budda

On the way to the park, we stopped at, you guessed it, yet another Budda.

No Doug, the cliffs behind it are way too junky for climbing.

Picnic Lunch

Group Picture

At the park, we shared lunch with our driver, the only fat Thai for 500 kilometers.

From left to right: Michael, Becca, Pochanee, Michelle, Big Daddy, Amanda, Sue, and Bill.



Michael tries to coerce Pochanee into the falls. We all returned unscathed by leeches

Green Tree Snake

Green Snake

The trail ended at the falls, but I decided to bushwack upstream. First saw a 4' brown snake, so that's what I was looking out for.

Ended up putting my hand 6" from this sucker. Look carefully up the left side. Scared the hell out of me. Luckily, it was more scared of me. Kept my distance for the picture, which is good, as I found out later that it is "extremely venomous."

Sky View

The Group From Above

Looking down on the group from the top of the waterfall.

Michelle and Becca Kick Back

Michelle and Becca


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