Assorted Photos From Thailand

Chiang Mai for Songkran

Chiang Mai for Songkran

Songkran: The Thai New Year Water Festival. This festival is three solid days of government-sanctioned water fights in the streets. Trust me: you have NEVER been in a water fight that comes close to this.

The streets are total gridlock with all cars and pickups dumping huge buckets of iced moat water on each other, including inside of their cars.

I didn't dare take my camera out during this total madness. Photographer unknown.

Motorcycle Soaking

Motorcycle Soaking

The Thais started soaking people long before the festival began, in this case 5 days before. Yep, it was really more like a week and a half of waterfights.

Hitching to Hang Dong

Wouldn't You?

Family Road Trip

Motorcycle Built for Four

The ever-economical Thais love their mopeds. This family is off for a nice outing.

Award for most Thais spotted on a moped goes to Dianne: 5 plus the family dog!

Wat Jong Kham

Temple by a Lake

My guest house in Mae Hong Son was across the lake from this Burmese-inspired temple.

Wat Something or Other

Nameless Wat

Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu At Night

Temple Lit Up At Night

This temple resides on a large hilltop overlooking Mae Hong Son. Lit up every night, it makes a great place to "hang with the monks."

Techno-Monk War

Monk on the Offensive

I thought I'd seen everything... but a monk playing computer war games in an Internet Cafe? Perhaps technology IS the root of all evil!

Driving, Thai Style

Driving, Thai Style

Thai drivers are notoriously unsafe. This driver is helping to pick up the bicyclist he hit in front of me. Note the vehicle: an ambulance.

Thai Shriners

Thai Shriners


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