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Cost Breakdowns

All expenses, including airfares, are counted with the exception of gifts purchased for others, as it has little to do with travel. When breakdown by country is performed, airfares are excluded, since it's not easy to separate to which country the expense should belong.

In addition, the data from Malaysia and Singapore are suspect, as the TRGpro died for about 5 days, and I lost a lot of data- did my best to remember/estimate.

Grand Totals (Including All Airfares)

Total Cost Of Trip $4,437
Average Cost Per Day (250 Days) $17.75

Average Cost Per Day By Type & Country (No Airfares)

Burma Pakistan Laos India Nepal Thailand Malaysia Cambodia Singapore
Total $4.97 $6.56 $8.35 $8.46 $9.36 $12.20 $14.01 $17.70 $34.00
Food $0.59 $2.45 $2.69 $3.80 $5.26 $2.55 $3.31 $2.31 $5.06
Lodging $0.00 $1.20 $1.11 $1.19 $0.94 $1.60 $3.04 $1.60 $2.89
Transport $4.17 $1.02 $1.29 $1.61 $0.52 $1.46 $5.53 $5.75 $3.37
Email $0.00 $0.67 $0.51 $1.08 $0.60 $1.10 $1.05 $0.00 $2.41
Other $0.21 $1.17 $1.30 $0.77 $2.02 $3.78 $1.09 $8.03 $20.47
(# Of Days) (12) (29) (15) (36) (21) (104) (16) (5) (12)

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Digital Stats: Camera & Computer

Total Hours Spent On TRGpro Handheld Computer 295 hours 13 minutes
Number Of Website Page Views Over 8+ Months 25,593
Average Number Of Page Views / Day 108
Total Number Of Digital Pictures Taken 3,811
Cost Of CF Cards For Pictures (Which I Can Reuse Forever) $620
Cost Of Equivalent Amt. Of Film
(Assumes purchase and processing cost of $10 / 36 pictures)
How Pleased I Am With Myself For Going Digital Totally

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"Best Of / Worst Of" Lists

Best Adventures

  1. Rafting the Nam Ou in Laos
  2. Trekking alone in Thailand
  3. Trekking alone in Himalayan India / Climbing my tall peak in India

Favorite Countries

  1. Pakistan
  2. Cambodia
  3. Laos

Suckiest Experiences

  1. Hospital Hell in Malaysia
  2. Most of Northern India
  3. Meeting 4 foot snake 300 feet up a limestone cliff while climbing in Thailand. He was draped through the sling I had to clip. [Humanality, pitch 3, 6b+ (10d)]
  4. See #2 again

Most Awesome Scenery

  1. Northern Pakistan
  2. Northern Pakistan
  3. Nepal
  4. Sunsets in Borneo

Stupidest Things I Did

  1. Free climbing on a steep, loose, snow covered slope over a cliff in Pakistan
  2. Rafting the Nam Ou in Laos
  3. Other solo trekking and climbing in Pakistan and India
  4. Not calling the US Embassy in Malaysia when I was trapped in the hospital
  5. Accidentally putting my foot on a woman in Cambodia (my reason was valid, but the result was the same)

Best Suggestions For Other Travellers

  1. The guide book is only a guide. Use it to get there, then stuff it. Trust me: almost any guest house or restaurant Lonely Planet says is a great deal will suck by the time you get there.
  2. Travelling alone forces you to interact more with local culture. Most people I met travelling in pairs or greater tended to talk to each other instead of the people around them whom they'd come to see! I learned more about the Nepalese trekking on my own than any group I met that travelled with a guide.
  3. Travel light, travel right. 2.5 changes of clothes was probably too much! My geek equipment saved me weight too- I read downloaded ebooks while other travellers lugged around books (how archaic!).
  4. Digital camera. You like the pictures, right? Say no more.
  5. Pakistan

Top Things I Missed About Home

  1. Family and friends
  2. Skiing
  3. Working on my house and garden
  4. Working. Yes, I daydreamed about holding down a "real job" just about everyday starting from month 2!
  5. My Oral-B electric toothbrush. Strange, but true.
  6. Salads you can eat without contracting "permarrhea," tap water you can drink.
  7. Being surrounded by people who actually like to work, and have (in my western-centric opinion) a healthy, strong work ethic. You have no idea what it's like to be surrounded by a laissez-faire attitude towards improving one's life, for months at a time.
  8. Being called Mr. C

Things I Missed The Least

  1. Elian Gonzales
  2. The Presidential Election (and yes, I DID vote absentee, but not in Florida)
  3. Traffic in the Bay Area
  4. Being called Mr. C

Regrets (Things I Wish I'd Done / Had Time For)

  1. Mongolia (should have gone)
  2. Northern India (should have skipped)
  3. More Pakistan
  4. More Laos

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