Trip Report of 4/6/00

The web page (with pictures) is up! However, my disclaimers with regards to its' technical shortcomings are:

  1. This is the first web page I've ever done; cut me some slack!
  2. The entire site was created on a Palm Pilot, and uploaded from internet cafes.
  3. All the pictures and backgrounds are low resolution preview images taken directly from my digital camera: I don't have access to any good image editing programs.

Those excuses aside, it ain't that bad! Point your web browser to:

March has been packed with various activities. Been teaching juggling aimost everyday- the participants have decreased in number, but increased in skill: some are amazingly good!

Also been teaching some computer skills, such as Word and Excel, and now a lot of people want to make web pages...

Done a lot of various activities and trips, most of which have been documented with photos at the website with pictures. For the sake of relative brevity, I'll let you go there and explore.

Thailand Primer #2

Thai fact: The Thais burn everything. Before planting a new field, they burn down the forest. After growing a crop, they burn the field. Recycling? Who needs western recycling, when you can burn all your trash and recycle it back to C, O, smoke, and carcinogens!

It's not uncommon to be driving down the road with big fires on either side. After seeing one of these catching somone's fence on fire, I had to modify an old proverb: "People who live in grass houses shouldn't burn forrests." Michelle, a med student volunteer, put it best when she noted "You could invade Thailand, burn the entire country to the ground, and no one would notice for two or three weeks."

I said I'd stay at the clinic until I felt it was time to move on, and that time is soon. I may be a little difficult to reach for a few weeks, but I'll send another update before I head to Laos.

Keep the emails coming; hearing from you all is great.


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