Trail Pictures From The Karakoram Mountains

Glacier Walk

Me on scree covered glacier

Crossing one of the only scree-covered glacier fields that's safe without ropes, axes, and partners. (An interesting combination, I might note.)

"Goodness Gracious Great Walls Of Ice"

Me and glacial ice wall

'A Bridge Too Far' - Way Too Far!

Long Suspension Bridge

Crossing back and forth over rivers usually meant using one of these LONG bridges.

More Hairball Bridges

Two More Bridges

Walk Carefully...

Bridge with missing slats

Luckily the supports were steel cables, because in some sections, there wasn't much else to step on.

Taking A Walk On The Wild Side

Me on a bridge section

A Lunch With A View

Lunch by a glacier

Having lunch on a field under the steep and massive Ultar Glacier.

Valley To Yourself

Mountain over valley

Forget the crowds of Nepal; in Pakistan there are countless valleys and mountains that you can explore and never see another tourist... for DAYS, weeks if you choose the right route. (In this case the secluded Honbrook Valley off of the Hushe Valley).


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