Assorted Photos From Pakistan

Welcome Sign

'Down With USA' Slogan

Well, even though I love the country, I would have been disappointed to not see some anti-western sentiments. As you can see, I was not disappointed!

Off To Military School, Or The Truth Behind "Soylent Green"?

Army Truck As School Bus

As there are no school buses in the rural areas, these young girls are getting a lift in an army truck.

Keep Them Doggies Rollin'

Woman Herding Goats

On a day hike with a few other tourists, we ran into what must have been hundreds of goats being herded down the valley. So we all tried our hand at goat herding for a few hours... not the smartest animals I've ever dealt with.

Playing The Lame Tourist

Me and guns

There are several areas on the border of Afganistan and Pakistan where weapons and drug sales are rampant. These are usually tribal areas that are outside of Pakistan's control.

To get in, I had to hire a guide named "Papa G." Luckily, the tour by Papa G was far more entertaining than the music by Kenny G. No relation, I'm guessing. So I got dragged around the tribal area looking at huge (like 100 lb) bags of hash, guns for sale, including what I'm holding here. In my left hand there's a pen gun. Yes, it actually fires bullets, and looks like a pen. While offered, I did not buy it. Never disliked anyone I worked with THAT much.

Nerd World Country

Me typing away on the Palm

No electricity, running water, or heat, but being a true nerd, I could still type up my HTML for the trip to see K2.

Long John Muhammad

Pirate Cook

This guy reminded me way too much of a pirate not to take a picture. As usual, it's impossible to take a picture without everyone in the area running over to get in on the action.


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