Photos FromThe Trail

Cool Bridges

Bridge Over River

The trail was flush with suspension bridges crossing back and forth over the river. I felt no urge what-so-ever to build a bamboo raft and go down this river.


Me And Waterfall

After three days and over 20 large waterfalls, I stopped counting.

Road To Nowhere

Missing Trail

Landslides from the rains kept removing parts of the trail. The day after I started hiking, a large one closed the main road from Kathmandu to Pokhara for 11 days!

On The Way To Thorung La

Hiking Up

Victory At The Pass

John, Brad, and Me at 17,600 ft.

Brad (South Africa), John (Venezuela) [whom I met climbing to Tilicho Lake] and I reach the Thorung La Pass in the early morning. You know the elevation's high when you're out of breath on the flat sections.

High Altitude Nerd

Typing at 17,600 ft.

Typing an email and journal entries into my TRGpro with the Palm folding keyboard at 17,600 ft (5416 m). You can take the boy out of Silicon Valley, but you can't take Silicon Valley out of the boy!

Note to Palm: Either the Motorola processor suffers from Altitude Mountain Sickness, or processor speeds seem to drop dramatically at that temperture.

Breakfast Time

Me Eating Breakfast

Having an early morning breakfast. Here I'm eating a bowl of Champa Porridge, which tastes like a combination of glue and, well, more glue.

Another Cool Bridge


I'll spare you the other 20 or so bridge pictures in my digital arsenal.

4-Legged Porters

Horse Porters

Decked out in beautiful decorations, the trail horses were always fun to run into.


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