Photos From Nepal

I am not able to use a good image editing program on the road, so I am left with two choices: put up 300-800k images (which would take FOREVER to see on the net), or use the small preview images that the camera creates automatically. I have opted for the latter. The effect for you is fairly low resolution images, but it's better than nothing!

Temples And Such

Assorted pictures from Nepal, such as Kathmandu and Bhaktuphur. The blurry picture of a young monk shooting rocks at monkeys with a slingshot can be found in Monks Gone Bad.

Hiking The Annapurna Circuit

Going around the Annapurna range is a beautiful little 11-day hike. The trail goes over the Thorung La Pass at a whopping 17,600 ft (5416 m). The following categories cover the highlights of this trek:

Mountain And Scenery Views

Pictures From The Trail

Cool bridges, trail sections, and, of course, me.

Porter Power

These guys rock. Although I carried all my own stuff, I loved watching these guys carry amazing loads. I even tried it out myself...

Hike To(wards) Tilicho Lake

This side hike to the highest lake in the world would have been Hellish even if it were flat. But when you start at 12,340 ft (3760 m)...

Buiding With The Locals

On one of my half days I saw some villagers constructing a building using rocks and mud. Looked fun, so I joined in.

Village Pictures

During your hike you stay in guest houses in beautiful little mountain villages. Here's a few of them.

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