Assorted Nepal Photos

Syambunath Temple

Temple and Prayer Flags

Prayer flags hang from the center of the stupa of this famous temple in Kathmandu. The colored "flags" have prayers written on them, and are left in place until the wind scatters the prayers over the earth. Cool.

Monkeys On The Temple

Monkeys On Temple

Syambunath is also known as the monkey temple, as hundreds of monkeys crawl all over it. Must be the other reason that the monks shoot them with rocks (see Monks Gone Bad).

Prayer Wheels

Prayer Wheels

These copper cylinders are filled with prayers, and devotees spin them as they pass by. Also very cool.

Making Prayer Wheels

Making Prayer Wheels

I really wanted some of these copper prayer wheels. To get the three I wanted, I got to visit a shop where they are painstakingly made by hand.

Roadside Quack?


At a glance it looks like a sign for a roadside doctor. But look closely at the first offerings... Starting at "Barium (a radioactive element) Meal" and ending, so to speak, with "Barium Enema." Exactly who goes to a roadside doctor for a radioactive enema?

Is this what they mean by Eastern Medicine? And if you get the "Barium Meal," don't you get the "Barium Enema" a few hours later by default?

Fetching Water

Women Getting Water

These women are standing calf-deep in rather green looking muck to fetch water from the local spout.

Total Tourist Touring

Being Ourselves

A group of friends I met at the end of my trek and I do the sightseeing thing in Baktuphur. Clockwise from the left are Sue (England), Me (Homeless), Melissa (US), Scott (very US), and Alfredo (Italy).

Baktuphur Temple


Very cool architecture in this old city.

Durbar Square, Patan

Old Village Square


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