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Monks Gone Bad!

Newspaper Article

The following low-resolution pictures are from my ever growing collection of monks being naughty... I only regret I didn't capture the monks soaking tourists with water pistols!

Techno-Monk War

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Monk on the Offensive

I thought I'd seen everything... but a monk playing computer war games in an Internet Cafe? Perhaps technology IS the root of all evil!

Billy The Monk

Maung Sing, Laos

Monk with a handgun

Check out the pellet gun this kid's got!

Fighting For Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Buddha

Maung Sing, Laos

Mercenary Monk

Monk With No Math Education

Maung Sing, Laos

Monk buying lottery tickets

This monk is taking his chances with the local lottery. Apparently they don't teach statistics at the monestary.

Betting On Buddha

Maung Sing, Laos

Monks gambling

These young monks are full-on gambling (the game is a little like craps). Where do these kids get this money?

Trying To "Get Lucky"

Luang Prabang, Laos

Monk Flirting

These monks were chatting up an Australian girl. The monk in front has just given her a flower. One temple in the city is known for the monks that decend upon single women.

This Is A Monk?

Nong Khiaw, Laos

Monk disrobed

This IS a monk, but he disrobed to go crawling into a cave. Bad, bad monk.

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, But It's OK To Taste It

Ha Kho, Laos

Monk accepting cigarettes

Imagine my suprise when I was asked if I would like to buy two packs of cigarettes to give as a gift to this head monk. How can you miss an opportunity like that? That's my hand making the hand-off.

Benevolent Monk

Kathmandu, Nepal

Monk shooting slingshot

I know his blurry hands make him look like he's doing Tai Chi. But this monk is actually taking aim with a slingshot to shoot monkeys with rocks. In the temple!

Certain versions of Buddhism state that one can not achieve enlightenment without suffering. I believe this monk is merely trying to enlighten the monkeys! Good, good monk.

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