Medical Equipment Wish List For The Mae Tao Clinic

The following is a list of medical supplies needed at the Mae Tao Clinic. Supplies are best sent "by courier." This means you mail supplies to the next volunteer travelling to the clinic, and they bring them over.

If you have supplies to donate, it is best to email Dr. Tom Lee, an ER doctor at UCLA who comes to the clinic frequently. He will either be able to bring the supplies over or help you coordinate with another volunteer. Tom's email address is

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Tablets / Capsules



Amoxicillin 250 mg / 500mg
Artesunate 50mg
Augmentin (amoxcillin + clavulinic acid) 500 mg
Azythromycin 250 mg / 500mg
Carbamazepine (tegretol) 100mg / 20mg
Cefaclor 250 mg / 500mg
Cefixine 200 mg/ 400mg
Cephalexin 250 mg / 500mg
Cimetidine 200 mg / 300mg / 400mg
Clarithromycin 250 mg / 500mg
Cloxicillin 250mg
Codeine 30 mg
Diclofenac 25 mg / 50mg
Enalapril 2.5 mg / 5 mg / 10 mg / 20 mg
Erythromycin any type
Ethambutol 100 mg / 400mg
Fluconazole 150mg
Glibenclamide 5mg
Grepafloxacin 400mg
Griseofulvin 250mg / 500mg
Hydrochlorothiazide 50mg
Ibuprofen any type
Isoniazid 100 mg / 300mg
Isosorbide dinitrate 10 mg / 20 mg / 40 mg
Ketoprofen any type
Mefloquine 250mg
Naproxen 250 mg
Nifidepine 10mg / 20mg/ any type
Nitroglycerine sublingual
Norfloxacin 400mg
Ofloxacin 400mg
Piroxicam 10 mg / 20mg
Prednisone any type
Propranolol 40 mg / any type
Pyrazinamide 500mg
Ranitidine 150mg / 300mg
Rifampincin 150 mg / 300mg
Roxithromycin 150 mg / 300mg
Spinorolactone 25mg / 50mg / 100mg
Terbutaline 2.5 mg / 5 mg
Tylenol (double strength) 500mg

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Augmentin (amoxcillin + clavulinic acid) 25 mg / ml
Cephalexin 50mg / ml
Cefaclor 50mg / ml
Cefixine 20mg / ml
Cotrimoxazole (SMZ + TMP) 48mg / ml

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Artemetheri 80mg
Benzathine Penicillin 1,200,000 Unit
Buscopan 20mg / ml
Cefoxitin 1g
Ceftriaxone 1g
Cephalexin 0.5g
Ciprofloxacin 400mg
Dicloxacillin 1g
Gentamycin 40mg / ml
Ketamine any type
Lidocaine 1%, 2%
Pantazocin 30mg
Pethidine 100mg
Xylocaine 1%, 2%, 5%

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Albuterol Inhaler
Beclomethasone Inhaler
Budesonide Inhaler
Sabutamol Inhaler
Terbutaline Inhaler

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General Supplies

Blood bag + taking sets and giving sets
Blood glucose Level stix
Blood lancet
Catheters, pediatric Foley
Catheters, small-gauge (22-24) IV
Disposable Needles
Feeding tubes, pediatric nasogastric
Gauze scissor (8")
Gloves (6", 61/2", 7", 71/2")
Haemoglobinometer (lovibond)
HIV, HBV and HCV testing kits
Intravenous Canular (22G - 23G - 24G)
Malaria slide
Minor obstetrical instruments
Minor surgical instruments
Pregnancy test
Straight scissor (6")
Syringes (1cc, 3cc, 5cc, 10cc, 20cc)
Urine bag
Urine Stix
Vaccination Syringe (0.5cc)
Weight scale (160 Kilo)
Weight scale (handing) (25 Kilo)

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