Trek Through The Zanskar Range In Ladakh

Walking On The Moon

Barren Wildernes

Only the snow-capped peaks in the distance distinguish the barren trails from another planet. This view is from Konze La, 16,200 ft (4950 m).

Trail Break

Hangin' out at the La

If it wasn't for the marvels of the internet, no one would ever know I was having a bad hair day.

Fleece by, tent by "North Disgrace"

Hangin' by my tent

Hanging out by my tent contraption. It was water proof, but not breathable, so it got very humid inside, and I had to poke holes for fear of becoming a victim of the world's largest plastic bag suffocation incident...

"Ph.D. Engineer Suffocates Self In Home-Made Tent."

THAT would have earned me a Darwin Award.

"Zanskar Bridge Is Falling Down, ..."

Precarious Bridge

This one wins the "Most Precarious Bridge" award. Check out the flex in the wood supported section.

Home Sweet (???) Home

Me and campfire

On night #3 I made a great campfire. Good choice, since camp was at 14,600 feet and it rained on me, snowed another 200 feet up. "Campfire???" you say. Have no fear, I wasn't burning any of the scarce, precious local wood.

No-siree! This here camfire is fueled with 100% dried Yak turds, collected by yours truly. Hey, if it's good enough for Maria Martinez... (and Papovi Day, Tony Day, et al.).

Frosty The Valley

Valley View

Looking down a valley a short walk up from my campsite. Great views.

No Views Is Bad Views

Clouded out at the pass

My last pass for the trip, which is SUPPOSED to have great views, and I'm actually standing in a snowstorm! But by this time in my trip, it was "just another 16,980 ft pass." When will I ever be able to say that again?


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