Spiti Valley Area, Himalayan India

Beginning Of The Drive

Valley View

It's a long bus ride (12+ hours) from Manali into the heart of the valley, but a beautiful ride none the less.

More Views Along The Road

Dry Valley

The road crosses a pass, and onto the Tibetan Plateau. Things get dry, and look that way too. But the snow-capped peaks remind you that you aren't in Kansas anymore.

Bridge Over The River Quite Cold

Space Trolley Over River

It's an easy 4 hour hike from the road to the village of Mud. A few times on the journey you have to cross the glacier melt rivers in these pulley carts. Coolness!

Village of Mud!

Village In Valley

I stayed in Mud for 4 days, which is where I did my rather brainless day hike, and helped the family I stayed with pick greenery (see the respective photo sets).

More Mud

More Village Coolness

Churning Chai

Churning Tea

Here the father of the family churns some tea leaves and water.

Tabo Gompa


The Gompa (Monestary) in Tabo is famous as it is allegedly where the Dalai Lama will retire.

I know, I was thinking the same thing. And I asked, but no one could give me an answer. As I understand it, the Dalai Lama was born that way; it's not an elected position. I mean, it's not like Jesus could have said "I'm tired of being the son of God. I'm going to retire- it's your turn now."


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