My Highest Peak Yet (By Accident)

View Up The Valley

Valley View

I started hiking up a stream bed, but was soon forced to climb up the right side of the gorge. Here's a view from about an hour into the hike. My peak is hidden behind the right-most tall peak.

(N)Ice Bridge

Glacier Bridge

I should have tried the left side of the valley. I was forced to climb down a semi-technical wall of loose rock and dirt, and then cross an ice bridge over the stream. Looks strong to me...

Needless to say, I chose to come back down a different valley.

More Views

Valley View

Half Way Up

Peak View

Half way up (in elevation, but not duration) and you can see my peak: the tallest in this picture. I decided to reach it by climbing up to the ridge on the right, and traversing left up the ridgeline until I hit the summit.

Spotting The Rare Ibex

Ibex Skull

No wonder these things are endangered. Apparantly I'm more sure-footed than this fellow was. Still, it was a good reminder that this is not the place to break an ankle.

No Need To Beam Me Up Scotty, I'm Already Here

At The Summit

A little over 7 hours to the top... why didn't someone warn me it was this damn high?

Yes, the TRGpro works up here, but not as a Star Trek communicator.

Great Views

Spiky Mountains

Since I was in the middle of the Himalayas, I had a 360 degree view like this. Awesome.

O2 Deprivation Or LSD Trip?

Colorful Valley

"Oh, the colors, the colors." In addition to these vibrant reds, the new valley I chose to come down had yellows, greens, and purples.


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