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Ken Zemach's Travel Adventure

YO! Support A School For Children Inside Burma YO!

One of the villages I visited inside Burma has no school, and no chance to get one without your help. A brief overview/proposal for the project and how you can donate is presented here.

Update 8/24/00: Your generous donations have raised $950 for the school, so a building is being constructed and supplies purchased. To pay for the teachers for the year we need another $875, so harrass your friends. You don't really want me to have to dress up as a Girl Scout and sell cookies when I get back, do you? You know I will..

BOO! It's Over BOO!

My trip has come to an end, but I'm actually happy to be going home to the land of capitalism, technology, and greed. Due to the strange popularity of this site, I'll probably leave it up for a bit, and will update the nerd gear section as I see fit.

I've put up a "Total Results Page" which lists all my favorite stuff and adventures, details the expenses broken down by country on a per day basis, and contains other useless statistics I've gathered over my travels.

The only addition that will be up in a few weeks will be the rock climbing pictures from Thailand. Keep in touch, ya'll!

The Mission

Explore strange new lands... in the quest for fun.

The Tools

Nerd Gear

Survival Gear

  • Backpack w/ removeable fanny pack
  • Water purifier
  • 2 changes of clothes
  • Hiking boots & sport sandals (Tevas Suck, I gave them away)
  • First aid kit
  • Multipurpose Knife-Tool
  • Personals bag
  • Sleeping bag
  • GoreTex shell top
  • Fleece top
  • Guide & translation books

The Results

Trip Reports


Trip Report #1, 3/7/00 Monks Gone Bad
Trip Report #2, 4/6/00 Thailand Photos
Trip Report #3, 4/27/00 Laos Photos
Trip Report #4, 5/18/00 Burma Photos
Trip Report #5, 6/7/00 Cambodia Photos
Trip Report #6, 7/13/00 Borneo Photos
Trip Report #7, 9/29/00 Nepal Photos
Trip Report #8, 11/16/00 India Photos
Burmese Refugee Interviews Pakistan Photos
Travel Stats And Favorites Lists

Medical Equipment Needs at the Mae Tao Clinc

Many of you who have access to medical equipment have expressed an interest in making a donation. You will find a list of current needs and the contact for your donation here!

Future Plans

I'll be home in 2 days. I need a floor to sleep on, preferably without leaches and snakes. I'll be performing at Pier 39 in San Francisco until I can find a job, so come down and heckle me... if you dare.

Contact Ken

(My fortune, which I received the day I left San Francisco...)

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