Route 6, Cambodia Photos

Cambodian Truck, "Fully Loaded"

Pickup Truck

The trip is made in the back of a compact pick-up truck. This picture shows us waiting...for more passengers. Standard fare is 7 in the cab and 13-15 in the back.

The return trip was the most comfortable: we got to sit on large bags of live catfish.

Even More Fully Loaded

Loaded Cart

Looking like a scene from a market in Star Wars, these people slowly push their cart of wares down the road.

Route 6 Is A Toll Road?

Collecting road tax

In the rural sections you come along a person holding a large pole in the middle of the road. The vehicle must stop and pay money to pass, as can be seen here.

The fate of toll evaders is unknown, as no one seemed willing to try. I'm guessing it involves guns.

Nice Bridge


Don't laugh, it was better than "the alternative"...

"The Alternative"

Water Crossing

Looking like a landing strip, sticks in the water show you where to drive.

Car Push

Pushing car through water

When the water gets too deep to drive, you can pay the locals to push you through the water.

Tractor Pull

Car pulled by tractor

Or if you're feeling rich, you can get pulled through by a tractor. Great to watch when they're done: The car door opens, and out pours a bunch of water.

Truck Stuck In Muck

Stuck Truck

Unfortunately for the larger trucks, the tractor ain't gonna do it.

"Poor Road Conditions, Expect Delays"

Road Block

Four wheel drive or chains required. We had quite a few delays like this. The truck drivers use various methods to pull each other out, except, of course, for the guy on the left. Major axel damage I think.

Feelin' Down and Dirty

Dirty Me

Looking forward to the end of this Hellish, all day journey.


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