Home, Muddy Home

Zero Star Hotel

Bamboo dorm

We stayed in this bamboo dorm along with several Shan State officials.

Our first few days overlapped with a meeting of all the Shan State resistance leaders, so our building was rather cramped.

At the meeting they started a civilian-based leadership which will oversee the army, refugee committee, and health care effort.

Our Luxurious Room

Dorm room

Featuring space for three of us, our room included dirt (mud) floors, plastic mats, and more large bugs than I have ever encountered. I think I was bitten by each of them.

Cooking Shan Style


I tried my hand in their illustrious kitchen. The Shan, like most Asians, have a rather 'structured' social system. Why an 'honored guest' would stoop to cook was beyond them. I suppose it would be akin to walking into the kitchen in a 5 star restaurant and trying to cook your own dinner.

Camp Construction

Building construction

The camp is relatively new, and new buildings were going up everywhere. I don't think OSHA would approve.

The Shan State Army Band

SSA band

At the end of the meeting, there was an awards ceremony to award soldiers for bravery. Eight of the recipients had been surrounded by a couple thousand SPDC troops for a month, living off bark and leaves. Refusing to surrender, they eventually fought their way out.

The SSA band played at night. As Neil Young would say, "Keep on rockin' the oppressed world."

Sunset Over Shan State



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