Photos From Burma

sign I am not able to use a good image editing program on the road, so I am left with two choices: put up 300-800k images (which would take FOREVER to see on the net), or use the small preview images that the camera creates automatically. I have opted for the latter. The effect for you is fairly low resolution images, but it's better than nothing!

Addiction Therapy Workshop

Pam Rogers, an addiction therapist working for National Health And Education Committee (a Burmese organization) joined me for the first few days. She led a 2 day addiction therapy workshop, the first ever in the Shan State.

Camp Area

A few pictures of the camp and where I stayed. Certain pictures and information have been redacted; you figure it out.

Camp For Internally Displaced People

Since people who are hiding within their own country are not technically refugees; they are referred to as 'internally displaced people' (IDP).

Some 420 displaced people live in a small camp about 15 minutes from where I stayed. There are over 100 children in this village with no school or teachers. The only chance these children have for an education is you; please help with this effort if you can. Donation information and project specifics can be found here.

Bamboo Temple

A bamboo temple near the camp where I stayed and some of the orphans who live there.

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