Photos From Borneo

I am not able to use a good image editing program on the road, so I am left with two choices: put up 300-800k images (which would take FOREVER to see on the net), or use the small preview images that the camera creates automatically. I have opted for the latter. The effect for you is fairly low resolution images, but it's better than nothing!

Bako National Park

In Eastern Sarawak, Bako National Park is a haven for the rare Proboscis Monkey, which, in comparison, made even my shnoz look attractive. Monkeys and good hiking everywhere.

Hiking Gunung Mulu

On a trail rising 3200 meters (7500 feet) above sea level, this 48 km (30 mile) hike takes one up through several types of vegetation. The steep climb is nothing if not relentless.

The Lonely Planet Guide says it "is normally done as a four day trek... if you are reasonably fit (it) can be done in three days." I managed it in two, but I don't recommend it. Add 14 to the leech count.

Hospital Hell

As most of you have heard, I had a small foot infection (and antibiotics, in my defence) when starting up Mulu Summit. By the time I returned, it was progressing quickly. See Trip Report #6 for details.

A few pictures of my feet both before and after surgery. They ain't pretty...

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